Dining for lovers

Dining in style with family & friends


A dining room that you set up with a table, chairs, display cabinet, or sideboard according to your taste is much more than just the setting for meals with family or friends. It is a place to relax, for discussions, for games and crafts, for work or to relax together.

We have solid wood tables and tree tables for the centre of the dining area. Individual substructures such as runners racks make your dining room table the centre of attention. With the matching chairs, they make a room worth staying in. The SB Möbelhalle und Küchengalerie has numerous rocking chairs and stools with the most varied and refined fabrics and leather covers for this.

Well-shaped cabinets, floating lowboards, sophisticated highboards and modern sideboards can unfold beautifully in the dining area. They provide storage space and design the room with clean lines or gently curved fronts. If you are on the traditional and purist side, you'll find many pieces in our our showroom with the upholstered and wooden corner seating. Take a seat and get settled in.